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Barista-inspired drinks to make at home

Posted at 2:50 PM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 15:50:35-04

They are a Kansas City staple and now they are sharing how to make a few of their favorites in the comfort of your kitchen. The Roasterie whips up some drinks!         

The Basel 

Taking its name from Basel, Switzerland, home of Kansas City chocolatier André Bollier, this Espresso-based mocktail features a delicate blend of chocolate and orange married together by the bright sweetness of fresh basil. 


• 3 leaves fresh basil 

• 2 bar spoons orange simple syrup 

• 1/2 tsp. André’s Drinking Chocolate 

• 1 double shot Roasterie Ethiopia Natural Espresso 

• 2 oz. whole milk 

• Cold foam 

• André’s Drinking Chocolate and Orange Twist for garnish 



1. Muddle basil with orange syrup in a shaker tin 

2. Add André’s Drinking Chocolate  

3. Whisk in espresso to melt chocolate  

4. Add milk  

5. Shake with ice  

6. Strain into coupe glass  

7. Top with Cold Foam  

8. Dust top with André’s Drinking Chocolate  

9. Garnish with orange twist 

10. Enjoy! 


The Lime Tree 

A cold brew mocktail taking inspiration from the gimlet and mojito. This drink has a bright effervescent mouthfeel and striking presentation. 


• 3 fresh mint leaves 

• 1 bar spoon agave 

• Juice of 1/4 lime 

• 2 oz Roasterie Cold Brew  

• Fever Tree Tonic Water 

• Mint sprig and half lime wheel for garnish 



1. Muddle mint with agave and lime juice in a shaker tin 

2. Add cold brew concentrate 

3. Shake over ice 

4. Double strain into chilled coupe glass 

5. Float with tonic water 

6. Garnish with mint sprig and half a lime wheel.