Newsome de-stresses with relaxing workout at Camp Bluebird

PARKVILLE , Kan. - Whenever I get to spend time with fellow cancer survivors it is a powerful, joyful and precious experience. That was the case last Thursday when I was the featured speaker at a morning session at Camp Bluebird in Parkville, Kan. 

Camp Bluebird is sponsored by Shawnee Mission Medical Center. It's located in a wooded area that's perfect for long walks and quiet meditation.

About 35 women attended my morning session and they were lighthearted and eager to hear the story of my breast cancer battle.

After swapping stories and sharing a few tearful memories, the group invited me to their exercise session.

It was something I had never experienced before. The entire group joined hands and formed a large circle for what's called, the Circle Dance.

The leader explained that, in part, it originated from native American tradition. Unlike ordinary exercise routines, it's not designed to raise your heart rate or work every muscle group. The goal is to relax your mind and focus on peace as you walk and sway and raise your hands and arms.

For me, holding hands while soothing music played in the background was a unifying experience I will remember for a long time. The serenity of quiet thoughts paired with gentle movements de-stressed my mind and body.  It was refreshing.  

Thank you Camp Bluebird for a wonderful time!

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