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Posted at 5:16 PM, Jan 04, 2016
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This is a big year me and my husband, Ed.

Five years ago, on June 17, 2011,  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Publisher and Editor of Be Encouraged Magazine, Kira McConico, came to our home and talked with us about our lives, our marriage and also our experience as breasts cancer co-survivors.

The interview was on one of those rare and wonderful days when my husband and I were both at home with no major plans for the day, so we were not rushed or anxious. 

We were in a fun mood and we had a great time answering all of Kira's questions. 

It's an honor to be featured in the magazine and it's an honor to do the interview with my husband. 

Ed and I have always said that we both had breast cancer--it was in my body--but he also walked with me, side-by-side on the journey making decisions together, going to appointments together, laughing together, crying together and celebrating together. It was nice to revisit our journey and we hope that it will help others battling breast cancer.

The article also touches on our Christian faith and how our faith influences every area of our lives including our marriage, challenges--like breast cancer, and our philanthropic work with youth. 

I hope you'll enjoy reading it and share it with others. Thanks Kira for the honoring my husband and me as your January cover-story!

The magazine will be available onnline on Jan. 16.


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