Local hip-hop group teams up with nonprofit group

Posted at 2:56 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 18:15:44-04

There is a lot of rhyme and reason to this partnership. A local hip-hop group, Higher Art KC, has teamed up with a nonprofit that raises money to help amputees, the Steps of Faith Foundation.

Higher Art KC has a song you can listen to on Spotify or iTunes, and every MP3 purchase will go to help an amputee in need. 

It started after Royce “Sauce” Handy first talked with Billy Brimblecom. 

“I saw his prosthetic leg, and I said YO” Handy recalled, “I never saw a leg like that.  It looked really cool, like a robot.  So, I said that’s dope.” 

Then Handy learned more about Brimblecom’s organization, the Steps of Faith Foundation.

“If someone has lost a limb and is without health insurance, or without some other way to pay for it, we help,” Brimblecom explained.

Brimblecom is the executive director of Steps of Faith and he knows exactly what his clients are going through. 

Several years ago, he was in a band. 

“We played our first show at the beginning of 2005 and a week later I found out I had cancer.”  Brimblecom said.

He then found himself in need of a prosthetic. 

Handy learned about Brimblecom’s organization while browsing on social media. 

“We wanted to show the city, specifically, there are rappers who live and breathe this hip-hop thing every day but care about what’s going on socially -- that care about justice, care about people who can’t afford prosthetic care," Handy said.

This new partnership started in May, and both parties are excited about spreading the message of both positive hip-hop and a nonprofit that helps those in need.

“It’s a team of dudes making this great music,” Brimblecom explained. “And for a great cause.  That’s what hip-hop is all about, what music is all about, what life is about to me.”