41 Action News tests five inexpensive waterproof cases for your phone

Posted at 4:00 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 05:07:50-04

The lake, the beach, the waterpark or neighborhood pool. All places you might have in your summer plans.

But keeping that expensive phone from getting wet can be a challenge.

41 Action News tested five cases that promise to make your phone waterproof.

Here are the phone cases we bought:  Wimaze ($4.59), Oqoe ($7.51), Voxkin ($9.99), Ace Teah  2-pack($10.99) and  Alofox ($22.99).

We put a phone in the cases with a piece of paper towel to see if there would be any moisture once we dropped them into a pool.

After several minutes in the shallow end of a pool we found that all the cases worked well.

The less expensive ones worked just as good as the expensive one.

The biggest differences was in ease of use.

Some of the cases, like Vockin and Wimaze, have difficult clasps.

All came with lanyards so you could keep the phone around a wrist or neck.

The Ace Teah had a glow-in-the-dark feature.

The Voxkin comes with a compass.

The Wimaze is bright white, so its easy to see in the water.

The hard case of the Alofox makes it the most compact, but that also means it sinks quickly compared tot he plastic pouches we tested.

Under basic use, they are all a relatively inexpensive way to protect your expensive phone when at the beach this summer.

Here's a tip when buying waterproof cases: Look on the packaging for a IP rating. It will look something like this IP68. The 6 refers how dust and sand proof it is and the 8 refers to how water proof it is. Top score for dust and sand is 6 and the top score for water is 9.