WATCH: All natural juicing for better overall health

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The popularity of juicing is evident with the opening of several stores around the metro.

Rather than taking a pill or medication for a cold or other ailment, many people are shifting to an organic and all natural approach towards health and wellness instead.

After his own personal experience, Steve Spangler opened up Simple Science Juices in Overland Park.

"I was allergic to gluten and dairy and a lot of the main players that are plaguing people today," said Spangler. "Once I took those out of my diet, I instantly felt so much better. I started thinking there's some truth to this whole food is a medicine thing."

Spangler says the demand is high and people are repeat customers because they feel different following vegetarian and paleo options.

"Once you give your system the right things, it can do everything," Spangler said. "It can fix whatever ailment you're going through. It can solve whatever issue you have internally and I think that's the big message that's getting across."

To make a lifestyle rooted in nature, Spangler suggests adding elements like meditation, functional medicine and chiropractic care.

The grab and go location is now open in Crossroads, at 1914 Main Street. Three more locations are planned for Brookside, Bluhawk and Fairway by the end of 2016.

Watch the Facebook video below to see what was asked during the live Q&A. 


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