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Affidavit: Olathe woman called police to tell them she killed her mom

Posted at 9:12 PM, Jan 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-14 22:14:11-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An Olathe woman charged with killing her mother said she did so in self defense, according to an affidavit obtained by 41 Action News.

Law enforcement officials say in a court document Mollie Fitzgerald, 38, was the aggressor in the Dec. 20, 2019, incident.

Her mother, Patricia, 68, was found in the entryway and “appeared to have a knife lodged in her back,” the affidavit stated.

Patricia was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy performed Dec. 21, 2019, determined that Patricia suffered four stab wounds in her back, as well as defensive wounds on both hands.

She also had facial bruising and hemorrhaging in the neck.

Mollie, according to the affidavit, said her mother tried to "come at her" with a knife and also told an operator "she was in shock."

The doctor who performed the autopsy on Patricia found no injuries to indicate that she “delivered any strikes” or that she had “been in control” of the knife.

Mollie, who faces second-degree murder charges, was treated for cuts to her hands and a bite-mark on her bicep. Law enforcement, according to the affidavit, was not able to gather “any type of chronological statement from Mollie.”

“Mollie talked about her mother coming at her with the knife, but Mollie was able to take the knife from her mother,” the affidavit stated. “Mollie also reported using a vacuum attachment to strike her mother.”

Prosecutors have requested mental exam for Fitzgerald.