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Businesses reinvent the wheel as Chiefs clinch 6th straight AFC championship game

Kansas City businesses use KC's hottest love story as inspiration for their products
Posted at 8:41 AM, Jan 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-26 10:09:46-05

KANSAS CITY, MO — How do you re-invent the wheel as a small business owner after the Kansas City chiefs make it to the AFC championship for the sixth year in a row?

Well, for businesses across Kansas City a chiefs win is a sweet victory for them too.

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"Luckily we have super creative pastry chefs working here and chocolatiers who are constantly thinking outside the box," said Rene Bollier, owner of Andre's Confiserie Suisse. "Year after year, we keep on coming to this point in the season.

Andresand other businesses say thinking outside the box is the game they need in their arsenal to drive customers back to their stores each playoff season.

"We're constantly looking at different ways to embrace the Chiefs, because it's so important for the city. We continue to use the same recipes that my grandfather and my father created and have been producing since 1955. So 68 years now, and and we really put emphasis on the Swiss style pastries and chocolates," said Bollier.

The iconic KC chocolate business says their mouthwatering chocolate footballs and indulgent Arrowhead pastries continue to be on high demand, but new this post-season; telling Kansas City’s most famous love story with chocolate. This year Andres is excited to feature their Chiefs heart tortes and Chiefs chocolate covered hearts with Taylor Swift lyrics.

"I think there's a strong possibility those young 'swifties' might be funneling in to get a shot at those hearts," laughed Bollier, "the Arrowhead cookies that we do, we have a really hard time keeping in supply and then the pastries sell out every day."

New businesses like Black Market Sandwichesinside the Crossroads FoodStop want in on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swifts saucy romance with their 'Taylors Tangy Tight End' sandwich made up of seared beef brisket, red onions, cheese, Crushed Red pizza bread and lots of chipole bbq sauce. It hasn't even been a week since they opened and their romantic sandwich is already one of their best sellers.

"We have a sandwich that is fitting to the sports moment and you've got Taylor and it’s the perfect storm in a perfect way," said CEO, Chris LaRocca.

La Rocca brought Crushed Red to Kansas City and says he is excited to connect his food with his community.

"Travis has done an outstanding job and is a big part of KC's fabric, and you layer Taylor," said La Rocca, "we have to follow the lead on that one.

Q39 is also ready to celebrate Chiefs fans with their classic KC BBQ platter. Executive chef, Phillip Thompson says running Q39 is a near 24 hour operation especially during playoff season with pit masters and cooks waking up as early as 2 a.m. to prepare the meat.

"It will never get old, it's always fun, the team gets excited and everyone is pumped up so it's always good," said Thompson.

Q39 is offering gameday platters for the upcoming AFC game, orders can be placed online.