Children's Mercy offers video job applications

Posted at 8:05 PM, Apr 07, 2016
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Landing a job at Children's Mercy Hospital just went Hollywood. The hospital is offering an optional process for job seekers called Introduce Yourself. It's a video job application using an app powered by  HireVue. 

Molly Weaver, director of employment at Children's Mercy, was inspired to offer job seekers the chance to record a video and answer questions before completing applications. She realized that some applicants, especially Millennials, did not want to complete lengthy paperwork; and some people were applying for positions beyond their skill level and experience.

"So every morning, recruiters here look at the videos and we respond within a day or two," explained Weaver.

"We are not looking for the production quality; we're trying to get to know that person as they answer the questions and find out if they are a fit for Children's Mercy and what position would be the best fit for that individual," Weaver said.

Since the program started a year ago, almost 100 video applicants have been hired at Children's Mercy.  

"It gives that recruiters a better picture of the personal interests and professional passions of the applicants," Weaver added. 

Once they determine the best position for the applicant based on the video, the applicant will officially apply and complete the paperwork for that position.   

Applicants download the app on their mobile phone or tablet. There are a series of questions they will answer one at a time. They'll have 30 seconds to read each question before the recording automatically begins. They only get one take to record the video and the system moves to the next question. The applicants have three minutes to answer each question.

Spechelle Day is an access representative who filled out several job applications at Children's Mercy before she tried the Introduce Yourself video application.

"I thought there were probably thousands of videos on Introduce Yourself, but I gave it a try anyway and I was so surprised when they called me," Day explained.

She was one of the first video applicants hired at Children's Mercy and she loves meeting and helping patients and staff. 

"I love my job, I really love it," Day beamed.


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