Parkville company cleans homes for cancer patients at no charge

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 18:04:15-04

When someone is fighting a life-threatening illness, a clean house may be the last thing on his or her mind.

Well, there are some local cleaning organizations that try to ease some of that pain.

One of the organizations is The Clean Team, located in Parkville, Missouri.

Four years ago, they partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, a national nonprofit that teams up with local cleaning services throughout the country, to provide free cleaning services for women battling cancer.

“We provide free cleanings, four free cleanings, one a month for four months for women who are going through cancer treatments,” Clean Team owner, Joanie Conaway said.

One of their clients is cancer fighter, Jill Heckman.

“In June of 2014 was my initial diagnosis. I actually had two different types of breast cancer -- one on each side,” she said.

After battling it once, the cancer came back, this time more aggressive.

“It doesn't mean we're done, we just keep trying,” Heckman said.

As she fights this disease, the Clean Team gets to work.

“It alleviates a lot of stress and worries that just comes with the territories of being a single mom,” Heckman said. “To be at the hospital all day long for 10 hours straight and then come home and you walk through the basement door or the front door but to have this smell of cleanliness , is just overwhelming.”

While this journey for Heckman has not been easy, she says there’s a reason she keeps going.

“Those kids, they're my everything, and God,” she said.While the Clean Team helps her in her time of need, Jill continues to be a gift for others, through her Foundation, Jill’s Hope.

She provides therapies and kick chemo buckets, free of charge, to provide support for other survivors.

“She has strength and support and she wanted to make sure that everybody else had strength and support,” Heckman’s good friend, Carla Killen said.

“That's why I feel like we were put here is to help one another and this is my time to shine to do that,” Heckman said.

Sandra McPhatter with the Clean Team says she hopes through these services, she hopes it provides a little peace for those carrying so much.

“With cleanliness comes purification for me and to purify someone's home of things that you know may be a burden on their heart. It's just something that makes you feel good,” McPhatter said.

Cleaning For a Reason is looking to partner with other local cleaning services. To learn more information about this, click here.