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Entrance fit for the Chiefs on display for students at Horizon Elementary

Student at Horizon Elementary
Posted at 11:14 PM, Feb 05, 2024

SMITHVILLE, Mo. — The entrance just inside the doors of Horizon Elementary School in Smithville is looking like something designed by Travis and Taylor.

It's a Kelce/Swift combo created by Horizon Elementary's Parent Teacher Organization.

"It's been a big talker around school," said student Josie Siler.

Principal Kristie Mellon said tying in current events and pop culture are crucial ways teachers can help motivate students.

"We talk a lot about role models and different things in schools and people to look up to," Mellon said. "A lot of the Chiefs players are definitely looked up to. But teachers can spin it absolutely in the academic portion, tying it into math lessons and reading about the sports players."

Each bracelet on the display represents a different teacher at the school.

"It takes us an entire day to install something like this," said Melissa Lallo-Johnson with the school's PTO. “Everything’s made by hand."

Lallo-Johnson said the purpose is to provide students a welcoming place to learn and make friends.

"We just truly want everybody who walks into this building to feel joy every moment they're here," said Jonnelle Gentry with the PTO. "And if this is the small part we can play in making that happen, I feel like it's the least we could do for the people who spend a lot of time and effort and energy with our kids."