Wedding co. offers affordable service in metro

Posted at 5:02 AM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 07:04:39-04

It's that time of year when lots of love birds around the KC metro will tie the knot - and break the bank in the process.

But other couples are taking a different route, getting the wedding they want for an unbelievable price.

That route leads them to Reverend Natalie Remington's Northland home, where she provides a unique wedding service for those who need something quick, or can't afford a wedding otherwise.

When 41 Action News visited Remington's home, it was Fred and Rachel's big day. They didn't want any fancy frills, just a quick ceremony, making a commitment in front of a few loved ones.

"I feel excited. We've been together for five years and so we're finally taking the plunge," Rachel said. "I thought this was a far better option than going before a judge in a sterile courtroom."

Remington said that since courtroom judges don't perform weddings anymore, many couples feel like they don't have any options.

She performs weddings everyday, right out of her home, which is decked out as a wedding chapel.

"We have every demographic you can imagine," Remington said.

She provides the venue, details, and sometimes even a dress. It's the price that makes the special day even better for some couples.

"For under $100 you can hopefully have the wedding of your dreams, or come close," Remington said.

Elopement services are $50 and take 20 minutes. Weddings are $75 and take about 30 minutes.

"Just to see the joy in their faces when they come in. It's something they never could have afforded, so it just makes me feel good to be able to offer that to them," Remington said.

Fred and Rachel were married in the "rustic venue," a gazebo decorated with sunflowers in the backyard. Fred's two young sons watched on, as Rachel's best friend snapped pictures.

"I feel relieved we're at this point," Fred said.

Then they were out the door a half hour later, off to their happily ever after.

Remington got her wedding officiant license two years ago. She says she wishes an affordable service with a nice venue would have been available when her and her husband eloped.

Other services similar to Remington's exist in Kansas City, but none of them are cheaper. 


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