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Guadalupe Centers hosts 'Community Support' event Wednesday in response to rally shooting

Guadalupe Centers hosts third 'Community Support' event
Posted at 7:31 AM, Feb 28, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More resources are available for families mentally struggling with the tragedy that happened two weeks ago, where one woman was killed and more than 20 were injured at the Chiefs rally shooting.

The Guadalupe Centers is hosting its third 'Community Support' event Wednesday evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The free event will have licensed therapists on site.

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"This is an open access event and what that actually means is that we’re reducing barriers that might exist for some folks such as being uninsured or being Spanish-speaking only," Senior Vice President of Health and Human Services for the Guadalupe Centers, Diane Rojas said. "So this is an opportunity to come and to receive the education and support that’s needed to heal with respect to the experience of this tragedy and it’s an open event. It’s available for families and for children because as we know the celebrations attracted many many families."

Rojas said the center was directly impacted.

"It was in our community," she said. "Many of our friends and family members were in attendance and we feel like a vital part of the Kansas City community and so in line with and fulfilling our organizational mission, which is to provide services and actually improve the quality of life for people, we knew that it was an essential response with respect to being able to provide those types of services."

Guadalupe Centers is working with its collaborative partners: Johnson County Mental Health, reDiscover, University Health and MRC, among others assisting in the event.

"We would not be able to do this without them," Rojas said.

She said she does envision there will be more events to follow.

"I think the format might look differently as we look at some of the specific needs of folks that attend the events," she said.

Tonight's event will include snacks and children activities, and you do not need to sign up to attend.

"You’re going to get professional information, professional counseling and you’re going to better understand if what you’re feeling is normal, better understand how to help your children with respect to conversations with what happened, better understand how to do a healthy processing of the trauma that you experienced," Rojas said. "So just to give yourself that opportunity to learn more about how to help yourself."

"I think the most important message is to recognize that we are a community, that we are stronger unified and that when we come together, we can do great things and we’re very resilient people, as I said, KC strong," Rojas said.

To learn more about tonight's event, click here.