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Hallmark expands in Liberty, adds jobs to new distribution site

Hallmark groundbreaking liberty
Posted at 9:17 PM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-07 11:43:35-04

LIBERTY, Mo.  — Hallmark Cards continued its commitment to Missouri on Wednesday by expanding in Liberty.

The company, headquartered in Kansas City for a century, will mark nearly 50 years in Liberty with a new distribution center.

“This is a second facility at 850,000 square feet,” Smith Holland, the President of Hallmark Global, said.

A new dirt lot will join the already existing distribution facility, and Holland said the new building will increase the company's footprint by 50%.

“We’re going to distribute a lot of the products that you see from Hallmark every day, so think ornaments, gift wrap, greeting cards and all those beautiful things,” he said.

Holland said the addition will bring some smaller Kansas City-area operations that were operated in leased buildings, to Liberty.

“We’re growing as a company so the notion of having all of our growth in one area is a great thing for us and it will bring more jobs to the area,” Holland said.

The company estimates they'll have 1,400 jobs between the two facilities, and with the new site so close, they’ll save a million boxes in waste a year.

“That’s enduring, so we’ve made it through the pandemic really well and feel good about the prospects as well," Holland said.

They plan to wrap up the new building construction by early 2023.