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How long do you stay on KC's voter registry?

Posted: 3:47 PM, Jun 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-11 21:41:47Z

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When is the last time you voted? That question could be more important after Monday's Supreme Court ruling.

In Ohio, if you don't vote in two years, fail to respond to a notice in the mail and still don't vote in four years, you will be removed from the voter registration list.

The Supreme Court ruled that is not violating voter rights.

So how does it work in Kansas City?

"You have to have not voted in two federal election cycles," said Laurie Ealom with the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners.

Two federal cycles means two presidential elections; eight years.

Laurie Ealom said if you are an inactive voter that does not mean you can't vote, the process is just different.

"If you have not voted and you have been removed from active status, within the system, all you have to do is fill out the information, re-register and we will fill out your information and ensure that you vote," said Ealom.

In Kansas, failure to vote does not put you on an inactive list.

Wyandotte County officials said you are only on inactive status if mail is returned and you don't fill out a confirmation card. Then, after eight years, you could be removed.