UPDATE: Odessa police chief on paid leave after being accused of injuring fellow officer

Posted at 5:32 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 20:31:06-04

Odessa's police chief is on leave after a work-related argument with a fellow officer.

Multiple sources tell the 41 Action News Investigators, Chief Newhouse argued with Officer Archie Strutton in a police car. As Strutton was attempting to leave, Newhouse is accused of slamming the car door shut, injuring Strutton's leg and foot.

Strutton referred the 41 Action News Investigators to his attorney Morgan Roach. Roach says Strutton did seek medical attention and believes the act was deliberate. Roach also says they are considering taking legal action due to the incident.

Deputies from the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office took statements from Newhouse and Strutton. Those statements will be turned over to the Lafayette County attorney for review.

Until the county attorney makes a ruling, Chief Newhouse will be on paid administrative leave. Strutton was not disciplined as part of the incident.

However, Odessa City Administrator Mickey Ary expects Newhouse will be cleared and reinstated at work soon.

In an unrelated incident, court records show there's a pending lawsuit against Newhouse and the city of Odessa. In the complaint, former Odessa Police Officer William Stratton claims he was demoted for organizing a move to bring the Fraternal Order of Police union to the Odessa Police Department.

An attorney representing Newhouse and the city says Stratton was demoted for poor job performance.

Newhouse has been chief of the Odessa Police Department since November, 2014. He came to Odessa from the Aurora, Colorado, Police Department.

Newhouse has also served with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department.

Ary said Newhouse has a stellar 30-plus years career in law enforcement.



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