City says progress made in first year of GO Bond projects

Kansas City, MO – City leaders have issued a report card on programs funded by the $800 million GO Bond initiative approved last year by voters. 

In the first year of the 20-year infrastructure repair plan, the city has 25 projects in motion.  The city says 11 projects are at least 75 percent complete, including work on the Paseo Bridge over Brush Creek.  

Construction is underway at 135th Street between Wornall Road to Missouri Highway 150 and the southwest quadrant in Beacon Hill. 

Work is underway to make Municipal Court and City Hall wheelchair accessible.  

Most notably, 11 blocks of new sidewalks have been paved. City leaders say the sidewalks improve the city’s appearance, while also making Kansas City more pedestrian friendly.  

The report card also looks toward the second year of the program, a year that has several additional projects planned, totaling more than $62 million. 

More than $42 million will go toward repairing roads, bridges and sidewalks.  Money from the GO Bonds will also help with a new animal shelter. 

You can track the city’s progress here.

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