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Kansas City teen author publishes 4 books

He wrote first title at 10 years old
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Posted at 7:35 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 20:35:24-05

KANSAS CITY, MO. — A Ruskin High School student already has four published books to his name and is working on a fifth.

Tomie Mickai Williams, of Kansas City, Missouri, became a published author in 2015 at 10 years old when "Mighty Boy" hit bookshelves. Four years later, Williams has written three more books and is working on book No. 5.

He has a two-book series for "Mighty Boy," and a new series is called "Spirit Swords." Two of the"Spirit Swords" books already are written, with a third in the works.

"And the feeling of working on something for a super long time and finally finishing it; there's nothing that comes to it, nothing beats it," Williams said.

His classmates at Ruskin are supportive of his writing efforts, and he said other teens don't make fun of him – and if they did criticize him, he would ignore it.

All of his books are fiction and focus on superheroes facing villains. In five years of writing, Williams said he also has learned how to market his books. His father helped him shoot a commercial promoting that his book is for sale on Amazon, Apple books and at Barnes and Noble.

"Sales so far have also been pretty good," Williams said, "and I got a review earlier on Barnes and Nobles. It was a 5-star review – they liked it."

Williams said he enjoys writing and plans to go attend college and continue writing books as an adult. He has faced challenges and inspires others by sharing how he overcame those challenges.

"My advice to other people would be, if you really want to do something then there's no reason that you can't," he said. "Just go out and do it. There's nothing that can really stop you."