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Kansas City flower shops remind Chiefs fans to not fumble Valentine's Day

Flower shops push Chiefs and Taylor Swift arrangements ahead of Valentine's Day
Posted at 5:38 AM, Feb 07, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As the Kansas City Chiefs get ready for another Super Bowl run, flower shops are reminding Chiefs fans to not forget about tackling romance this Valentine’s Day.

"All this is going to end and we are going to celebrate and still love the Chiefs, but you’re going to eventually come home to a partner and you better be darn sure everyone is happy," laughed Missy Anderson, owner of Chicken Creek Co.

Anderson said her Shawnee floral businesses saw a 25-30% dip in sales during the season of love last year. Anderson believes it’s because Valentine’s Day was intercepted by the excitement surrounding the Chiefs and another Super Bowl run.

“Their love became the Chiefs, so we were a little distracted," Anderson explained.

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Chicken Creek is not the only flower shop who noticed Chiefs fans forgetting to score big on V-Day.

Lily Floral Designs, a wedding and event-based florist says its sales last year were also impacted and saw a 10-15% dip.

"We did see a dip last year, it was also about 2 degrees on Valentine’s Day, which always causes problems," explained Betsy Ford, co-owner of Lily Floral Designs. "I think we had an advantage because we're so close to everything being downtown."

This year, both shops are thinking ahead and using the Chiefs and their love life as inspiration so Chiefs fans don’t shake Valentine’s Day off. Ford says her customized Taylor Swift album floral arrangements are in high demand, including their 'Lavender Haze' arrangement, which is one of their best sellers this season.

“We love a love story, we are waiting for them (Travis and Taylor) to get engaged so we can say 'pick us,'" Ford joked. "It’s really amazing what the Swift fans want and they’re willing to spend all the money on all the things that remind them of Taylor Swift and we love it.”

Anderson says additional red and yellow flowers have been ordered to attract Chiefs fans, Chiefs gift sets have been added and the shop is offering 'Taylor and Travis'-inspired cards with every purchase. However, with a potential championship parade scheduled to take place on Valentine's Day, Anderson is hoping fans won't drop the ball once again this year.

"I literally do so much business on Valentine’s Day because historically guys like to show up the day of, and that’s OK, we try to plan ahead — but this year it’s going to be a little different," Anderson said.