KCMO Public Works lays out snow preparation plans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city's snow preparation plans haven't changed much, but they're well-stocked because of the mild 2016 winter.

Representatives from the Public Works Department outlined their plans to the city council Thursday morning.

The city has 180 snow plows. Drivers have been training since October to plow the 6,500 miles of roadway in KCMO.

Residential roads always get paved last, but Public Works encourages people to be patient.

"If people are at work all day and then they get home and we hit them in the morning and snow has fallen all day, a lot of times people will think that we never came by, and that's just the nature of the storm," spokesperson Beth Breitenstein said. "Sometimes if it snows all day, it doesn't look like the streets were cleared, but we'll be back around for the next cycle."

The barns have 37,000 tons of salt ready. The city didn't have to order as much this year because it only snowed five inches last year.

Road treatment plans are the same; roads will be pretreated before a snow event with a brine solution of salt dissolved in water.

A reminder to residents and home owners: it's your responsibility to shovel sidewalks. City agencies are responsible for sidewalks adjacent to its facilities.

The city is working with a base snow budget of $2.75 million, with $1.7 million dedicated to salt and materials.
Remember to call 311 when snow stops falling.

Residents can track the plowing process by checking the map on the city's website at kcmo.gov/snow.




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