KCPD working on 'security camera registration' website

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Security cameras are becoming the norm for many households and businesses.

Bois Douglas, who’s lived in his Kansas City home for more than 30 years, said he and his wife purchased eight security cameras for his home.

“It’s gotten worse here,” Douglas said about his neighborhood. “Stuff goes on in the neighborhood and you never know what happens.”

Crimereports.com allows residents to see what types of crimes are happening in their neighborhood.

On the website there’s a link that allows people to register their security camera, giving police departments a chance to see where cameras are in the neighborhood in case a crime is committed.

However, there aren’t any local police departments listed using this specific service.

Sgt. Jake Becchina with KCPD stated while the department subscribes to crimereports.com to allow residents to use the site, he said this added function would cost the department an additional $20,000 a year.

Right now, KCPD is in the process of building its own version of this function, similar to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s, where officers will be able to have a map of where security cameras are throughout the area.

Maps of the security cameras will not be publicly used, only for officers.

Becchina said this will allow officers to cut down time on door knocking and canvassing for who has security cameras. By having a map of the cameras, when a crime is committed, officers will be able to see which cameras are in the system and then ask for footage from residents who registered.

Other local police departments are starting their own version of this function. The Leawood Police Department recently launched its C.A.P.T.U.R.E program.

For Douglas, he said it will bring even more added security to his neighborhood.

“I just feel I'm a little safer with them. And if not, if something were to happen to one of us, maybe the police would be able to come in and go over our cameras and they might get a clue as to what happened,” he said.

Becchina said KCPD hopes to have its website up and running in the next couple months. 

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