Local coffee shops give confidence boost to students taking MAP test

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With your coffee from your favorite coffee shop over the weekend, you could be giving a boost of confidence to Kansas City Public Schools students.

15 coffee shops are asking customers to donate snacks and write a note to elementary students who will be taking Missouri Assessment Program exams at the end of the month.

The goal is to help students right before their big test with a boost of positivity and energy.

"Kids are really important and I think even if you're not a district parent, the success of all of the kids in the city is really important," said Stacy Neff, owner of One More Cup in Waldo.

Neff launched the snack and note initiative, bringing other local coffee shops on board.

Customers will be able to write notes on index cards donated by Staples. Snack donations should be non-perishable, nut free and commercially prepared.

All of the shops will be collecting the snacks and cards until Sunday, April 8. They will then be dropped off at district headquarters and distributed to students.

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