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Medical cannabis dispensaries roll out home delivery in Missouri

medical marijuana missouri
Posted at 6:14 PM, Aug 04, 2021

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Just like shopping online for household items or groceries, cannabis can now be added to that list.

With the ever-expanding industry in Missouri, customers don't even need to step foot in a dispensary to get the product they need.

It's as easy as scrolling through one's phone.

"That's actually some of the biggest hang-up, people not knowing the access they have to it or having the transportation to do so," said Zack Owens, regional manager of BesaMe Wellness. "So, with us bringing it right to their door, we now can provide that for people that it was never an option before this moment."

BesaMe Wellness has several dispensaries around the Kansas City metro. They were the first to start delivering cannabis in Missouri, but industry experts say it'll quickly expand.

"The hardest part is all the different moving pieces that the state wants compliant-wise as we're keeping it safe," said Aaron Turvey, BesaMe's director of transportation.

Cannabis delivery is a regulated process through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

After registering — linking a medicinal card and payment method — customers are set.

If someone can't scan and upload documentation, Owens said they can help.

"We do have a team that can come out and take care of the licensing, getting all your proper documentation checked," Owens said. "We'll enter everything in the system for you. We're really here to assist."

Customers can pick the products they want and check out. The product doesn't leave the building until they've paid for it.

If an order is submitted by noon, it qualifies for same-day delivery. For an added layer of safety, orders populate on BesaMe's software, where they are double and triple checked.

"Once we're satisfied, we'll actually pick up and fill the product back here," Turvey said. "Every item has its own unique code that can't leave the room unless it's been scanned and verified."

Orders are loaded onto the van, secured in a compartment and the certified driver's whole route is GPS tracked and the information is fed back to the state.

To receive the order, customers have to be home at the time of delivery — they won't deliver it to a different location or to anyone else.

"Once it goes rec or has different applications, that's one thing, but the actual need and the growth for the community for medical cannabis was there, and it's not just lip service and I've seen it day-to-day," Turvey said.

BesaMe completed test runs before going live and has completed dozens of orders so far. In states with established medical cannabis programs, companies run hundreds of routes a day. Owens said he's confident they'll reach that kind of traffic as it's all about access.

"I assure you, there is no obstacle that's too great for you to participate in something like this," Owens said. "And it really will provide some medical benefits beyond what you already know. Please release the stigma, it doesn't exist anymore."

In addition to BesaMe, Riverside Wellness opened up its delivery services at the end of July.

"Delivery is incredibly important for our disabled and homebound patients, as well as busy parents and those who work from home," Mary Ann Denzer said, co-owner. "We're thrilled to provide a more convenient way for anyone to access safe, legal, high-quality cannabis."

Jane Dispensary in the St. Louis area also provides same-day delivery.