Mission Hills frustrated with people illegally dumping dog poop

Posted at 4:08 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 18:34:43-04

MISSION HILLS, Kan. — People in Mission Hills take pride in keeping their city manicured and pristine.

In doing so, there are more than a dozen “Dogi-Pot” stations across the city where dog owners can dump their pet's waste. 

“We have a little bit of problems with folks throwing the bag here and there on the curbs, so that’s why they’re there in the first place to make sure everybody has a spot,” Steve Zanone, a dog owner, said.

However, the city wants to talk to these men who they say are abusing the system.

Security cameras have caught them on several occasions cramming as many as 30 to 40 bags of dog waste into the “Dogi-Pot” containers. 

“Complete disbelief. If I’m walking around and I don’t get to a dog spot I go to our trashcan and throw the dog waste away, so I’m baffled by this,” Amber Burgess, another dog owner, said.

According to the city, the problem began around Thanksgiving in two particular spots. Then over time, the men started hitting different stations and even putting the dog poop in grocery bags to throw the city off the scent.

With the amount of dog poop these guys are showing up with, the city believes they are professional poop scoopers.

“I think what they’re doing is very strange and it’s disturbing, and the best way to resolve it is to put them out of business and then make them give our city something nice back,” Carol Winner, a dog owner, said.

If the men are caught, the city can ticket them for illegal dumping. 

“It’s disappointing that somebody from another neighborhood is going to come in to fill them up when these dog-pots are here for us in the neighborhood to keep our neighborhood clean,” Burgess said.

If you recognize the men, call Mission Hills’s City Hall at 913-362-9620.