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Overland Park woman remains separated from husband as fighting in Israel enters 2nd week

Ariel Bach and Natalie Cabell
Posted at 5:01 PM, Oct 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-20 19:14:21-04

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Fighting in Israel is entering its second week and doesn't look any closer to coming to an end.

Natalie Cabell is living with family in Overland Park, but her husband Ariel Back is still in Israel.

The two lived in Tel Aviv and while fighting continues, their lives stay split.

“This is not going away nearly as quick as we had hoped and prayed for," Cabell said. "And this is becoming more of a constant reality."

Through these two weeks Cabell has lived two realities.

"As I'm sitting here in Kansas in this very safe location with a slow day to day life, when I get on a call with him, it's pulling me into an entire different world," she said.

Cabell described how difficult it's been communicating with her husband over phones.

"Pain and also life in the minute," she said. "Literally every single time we FaceTime, a siren is going off and we have to hang up in the middle. He goes to a bomb shelter and then calls me back after."

Back talked about what's been the hardest part of being separated.

"It's honestly been extremely tough," Back said. "It's not just like, being without your wife — it's your partner, it's your best friend."

He gives a glimpse into life upended.

"People are afraid to go out ... We're living in terror," Back said. "I mean, that's what terror is designed to do and it's what it's doing."

 The hardest part isn't that it's been two weeks. It's that it's been two weeks with no end in sight.

"My faith hasn't been shaken but, I guess my faith in like the humanity outside of Israel has been shaken," Cabell said.