Restoration House of Greater Kansas City has a new plan to help child victims of sex trafficking

Posted at 5:54 PM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 10:55:35-04

Plans are in the works to restore an old building and turn it into a temporary home where children who were victims of sex trafficking can get the counseling and help they need to begin a new life.

Restoration House of Greater Kansas City has a home for former adult women who escaped sex trafficking. 

The home being renovated right now would be exclusively for children. 

"We would have counselors and staff at the facility 24/7 because these children have extreme trauma," said Board Vice President of Restoration House Gregg Boll.

The Kansas City Baptist Children's Home is donating the building.

The Blue River Kansas City Area Baptist Association has donated $100,000 for the project.  

Restoration House Board members need to raise another $400,000 to complete the renovations and pay for staffing needs for one year. 

Restoration House board leaders said since they've been involved in helping sex trafficking victims they have seen the age of child sex trafficking victims get  younger.

Two years ago, the average age was 14. Now the average age of a child forced into a life of sex trafficking is 11 years old, administrators said. 

Russ Tuttle is one  of the co-founders of Kansas City Street Hope and the founder of the Stop Trafficking Project. 

He explained that there is an incredible collaboration among nonprofits, faith based nonprofits, law enforcement and prosecutors to attack the sex trafficking problem in the greater Kansas City area

Tuttle said his role is to raise awareness that child sex traffickers are exploiting vulnerable children. 

His organizations are designed to help eliminate the vulnerability of children so they do not become victims of sex traffickers. 

He goes into schools with a bookmobile giving away books and warns young people about their dangerous social media habits that traffickers can use to trap of them.

Tuttle will be at the Rock of KC Church in the Northland this Saturday and Sunday talking with members and youth about  child sex trafficking. 

The Restoration House for child sex trafficking victims should be completed and open by next summer. 

Donations can be made to directly to  Restoration House.