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School safety task force is Gov. Mike Parson's first executive order

Posted: 8:12 PM, Mar 13, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-14 01:12:03Z

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Gov. Mike Parson signed his first executive order today forming a school safety task force.

The task force will look into best practices and into areas of improvement without using a one size fits all approach. According to the executive order, the task force will develop comprehensive, coordinated, and effective recommendations for school safety to guide our understanding and prevention of violence in schools.

“Want to take a look at other states, how they do things, what they’re really good at and try to adopt some of those things,” said Parson.

The Task Force includes the following members:

  • The Lieutenant Governor
  • The Director of the Department of Public Safety;
  • The Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education;
  • The Director of the Department of Mental Health;
  • A representative from the Missouri School Boards’ Association, selected by the Association;
  • A representative from the Center for Education Safety, selected by the Center;
  • A school resource officer, appointed by the Governor

Local school districts in the area are on board with this idea.

“I think it’s a great idea, a lot of other states have the same type of commission I’m anxious to see what recommendations they come out with and who they invite to speak to the commission,” said Rob McLees-NKC School District Security Director.

At North Kansas City Schools, security is top of mind, armed with a lot of cameras.

“Great resource for the administrators if something is going on, it could be good or bad they can use the center to help them while they are able to multitask and handle other parts of an issue,” said McLees.

McLees said they train their staff for any situation.

“We did scenario-based training with our staff before the year started, every school received two hours of training, all staff members,” added McLees.

In Lee's Summit, Director of Security Ryan Hall said they required active shooter training for all staff to keep students safe, especially in an ever-changing world.

“We have to evolve, we have to evolve all the time. Any security threat that to a school is going to evolve so we have to evolve and adapt,” said Hall.

Mental health is one area Hall would like districts to see more money and resources go toward.

“As a school district that we need more outside help from what we can actually do as a school district versus what the community can do for these students and these families that need support,” said Hall.

The school security directors noted they meet about four times a year to go over safety protocols.

This task force is supposed to have a final recommendation July 31.

To view the executive order its entirely, click here .