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Sneak peek: KC Current Stadium to set new standards

The first stadium in the world built for a women's professional sports team
KC Current Stadium construction
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Posted at 3:06 PM, Jul 21, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The KC Current Stadium is set to be completed in January 2024 and expects the first game on the new pitch to kick off in March, which is looking more like a reality as construction is running on time.

KSHB 41 anchor Caitlin Knute got a sneak peek by walking through the developing stadium with the owner and founder of the contracted-construction firm Monarch Build, Courtney Kounkel, and vice president of communications of KC Current, Dani Welniak, on July 19.

Panorama KC Current Stadium
The view from the press box at the KC Current Stadium shows the Bond Bridge over the Missouri River, the pitch and the Kansas City skyline on July 19, 2023. The stadium is set to open in 2024.

Because it is the first stadium built in the world for a women's professional sports team, the stadium itself is setting new standards, one being accessibility to all Kansas Citians.

“Every Kansas Citian should be so proud that this is in their city, because we’re Kansas City, we’re in the middle of the Midwest, and we’re the ones showing the world what’s right. That’s pretty cool,” Kounkel said.

Prices for seating will vary as the stadium will offer eight to nine seating types, including high-top tables, premium seating and a special section for fans who take pride in being the hype powerhouse.

The ultra-fan section is positioned at the bend of the U-shape of the stadium, where the seats are designed for fans to stand throughout the duration of the game.

“Supporter section in soccer, it’s a really big deal," Kounkel said. "Those are the fans that come that really get the hype going. They’re the ones playing drums, playing music and create all the chants and cheers if it’s a goal kick or penalty kick or whatever that may be, so they’re really important to the energy of the soccer game.”

Fans in that section will also be called the "blue crew."

“As you look around, there is not one bad seat in the stadium,” Kounkel said.

Every seat in the stadium is no more than about 100 feet from the pitch, according to Kounkel.

Seats in the pitch club, the stadium's premium-level club, are on the lower level and will surround the KC Current's bench.

Suites are intentionally positioned low to the ground, revolutionizing the suite experience — getting rid of the typical birds-eye view and allowing suite guests to be a part of the game.

Owners Angie and Chris Long and Brittany and Patrick Mahomes will have suites on both sides of the players' path from the locker room to the bench.

Seating isn't the only unique aspect of the stadium.

At the new stadium, the scoreboard will have a whole new meaning as fans can gather underneath for drinks at a bar.

“We want this to be a community asset," Welniak said. "We want people to realize this is a great stadium for women’s soccer, but honestly, it’s just a great venue.”

The stadium is being built to accommodate American football, lacrosse, rugby and concerts.

Welniak and Kounkel also hope to see high school championships — and maybe even collegiate championships — hosted there.

While the stadium is being built for women, it is also being built by women. Of those working on the project management team, 75% are women, according to Kounkel, who said the construction industry has changed a lot since she started 25 years ago.

"I think it’s so powerful to realize that I have a 2.5-year-old daughter and she will know nothing other than women having their own stadiums, women having their own training facilities, the logo being everywhere for a women’s team now, instead of our grandmother’s and our mother’s and our generations, hoping and dreaming of that being something one day," Welniak said. "Now, our children get to see that and know they can be that.”