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Snow Creek, other Weston businesses seeing boost after recent snow

Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-21 19:15:17-05

WESTON, Mo. — The snow may not be for everybody, but the town of Weston, Missouri, loves it.

This winter, hundreds of people have visited Snow Creek, boosting not only the skiing facility's bottom line but that of nearby businesses as well.

"It's been a fantastic season. We've obviously had a really good winter; we've had a lot of natural snowfall, which is always a little bit of a perk," said Darin Pond, guest services with Snow Creek.

For Gary and Kathy Collins, the slopes are an escape from the day-to-day bustle.

“(S)he takes a day off to get away from her crazy office, and I only oblige,” Gary Collins said Thursday.

Because of all the natural snow at Snow Creek right now, staff have not had to use any of the facility’s more than 60 snow-making machines in about two weeks.

"Right now we've got about a 68-inch snow base so we're sitting on a lot of snow. The snow we are standing on right now is probably 10 feet deep," Pond said.

Many schools in the Kansas City metro have had nearly a dozen snow days, and Pond said that has impacted business as well.

“That is one benefit about these snowstorms. We do get the schools closing and some of the parents get what we call the ‘ski flu’ where they call in sick and go skiing with their kids,” he said.

Miles down the road from Snow Creek, in downtown Weston, the snow gives businesses there a lift, too.

"We do get a hit from a lot of the travelers that go to Snow Creek. There’s a lot of families that come up here to go to Snow Creek," said Hailey Wolters, manager at Tin Kitchen on Main Street.

The restaurant appreciates the extra business during the winter season. Staff see different customers from all over wanting to grab a bite to eat.

"They come in here to eat with their family, and it works out for both parties," Wolters said.

While Snow Creek is scheduled to close for the season on March 9, it may remain open for another week because of all the recent snow.