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Tree crashes through KC woman's living room, forces her to move out of her house

Tree Crashes Through KC Home
Posted at 11:25 PM, May 27, 2024

After this weekend's storm, you can find damage across the metro. Some people got hit a little worse than others, but it's hard to imagine anyone with worse damage than Yolanda Johnson's.

"I'm driving up here looking for my driveway and I said, 'Where's the driveway? What happened?'" she said. "And I went in the house and there's a damn tree in my front room."

A huge tree crashed into her east Kansas City, Missouri, home, but the holiday weekend slowed any recovery response.

So for hours, and now days, she's waited for answers on what's next.

"What do I do? What happens? So I couldn't do nothing," Johnson said. "It was Saturday and then it turned Sunday. I was off. I couldn't call nobody because places are closed. I couldn't get in touch with nobody until today," she said.

Men with chainsaws came by to clear up the debris, but the damage was already done.

"Everything's okay, it's settling down, and I'm trying to get my nerves to settle down," she said.

With a little help from renters insurance and the American Red Cross, she has to figure out where she's settling down.

"It's totaled out. I'm moving out, period," Johnson said. "I can't stay here because there's no fixing this."