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Whiteman Air Force Base pilots to make history with 1st all-female crew flyover for KC Current opener

Posted at 10:41 PM, Mar 05, 2024

KNOB NOSTER, Mo. — From on the field or in a pilot’s seat, Kansas City Current players and Whiteman Air Force Base pilots are bringing the space between the sky and the ground a little closer together.

On Tuesday, some KC Current players were invited to the Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Noster, Missouri, to plan how they'll make history together.

"This is the first all-female two-ship T-38 flyover I think we’ve ever done," Capt. Skylar Brooks, a T-38 pilot, said.

Izzy Rodriguez, a KC Current defender, said the historic flyover is only fitting as her team will also make history during the team's home opener.

"It only fits to have a full women pilot staff flying over," Rodriguez said.

Brooks will be joined by Capt. Allison Fohr, Capt. Janel Campbell, and Capt. Janna Wilber as part of the all-female T-38 pilot crew.

On March 16, these talon pilots will perform a flyover. The pilots say it will be the first time an all-women’s formation is flying together.

After the national anthem, the pilots will flyover the KC Current stadium, which is the first stadium to be built for women.

“I hope they see three hardworking women aviators who have worked very hard to get where they are at today and hopefully inspire others to follow the same path," Brooks said.

Rodriguez thinks the flyover will energize the historic day even further.

"I think it’s going to bring a lot of emotion to the game, a lot of energy," she said.

Each of them are marking this moment for women.

“At Whiteman Air Force Base, we have the most B-2 pilots we’ve ever had, which I think is a huge step in the right direction," Brooks said. "The women here at Whiteman have a really strong friendship."

These women reflecting that where they stand now started with a dream.

“We are representing women in aviation and women who are capable in achieving and doing great things," Campbell said.

Both the pilots and players say if you have a dream, go for it.

“You don’t always see women in the flight suits. It’s happening, we are here, we are doing it," Fohr said. "If it seems like there’s a hard goal or a barrier, we are working to make it easier for you, and the next people will do the same; now’s the time to go for it."