Zika confirmed in the US and could travel

Posted at 4:09 PM, Jul 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-31 18:37:27-04

Mosquitos carrying Zika is now a threat in the United States.  Four people in Florida have been infected with the virus after being bit. 

People in the metro do not seem too concerned about the virus coming here.

"I guess a little bit, I am not panicking about it though," said Warren Mann.  

"Maybe a little bit for the future generations and stuff," said Joan Brauninger.

Dale Maginness with Mosquito Joe says the virus could spread here like it has done in Florida.

 "There is no reason why a mosquito couldn't hop aboard a plane or some transport and get to the United States," said Maginness.

A mosquito can also bite someone with Zika and spread the virus that way. So far there is one confirmed case of Zika in Johnson County.

"It's a possibility, but the great thing about our country is that we have federal state local all these health entities that can work together,” said Maginness.

The health department in Kansas City says they are working on mosquito prevention. The Johnson County Health Department is teaming up with Kansas University to study mosquito breeds. Both say they do not plan on changing any protocol with the developments in Florida.

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The actual side effects of Zika are mild. The big concern is among women planning to become pregnant because Zika can cause birth defects.



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