Our robot overlords are better at basketball than we are

Our robot overlords are better at basketball than we are
Posted at 2:30 AM, Jul 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-26 04:05:20-04

It's an age-old question — who's the greatest basketball player of all time? Some will say Michael Jordan. Some will say LeBron James. Some might even say Kobe Bryant or Larry Bird.

But the truth is none of those players are the best to ever pick up a basketball.

Our robot overlords are.

If you didn't witness it with your own two eyeballs, this was proven during halftime of Team USA's contest against France Sunday morning when a robot, programmed specifically to get buckets, effortlessly knocked down a three-point shot like Steph Curry in his prime.

But our robot friend (?) didn't stop there! This one-eyed humanoid then backpedaled to the "Tokyo 2020" logo and hit a half-court shot for good measure.

The nervous laughter in Saitama Super Arena was palpable.

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It's time to face the music, folks. Humans? We're done for.

The robots are coming for us, and they will not rest until total basketball domination is achieved.

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