Lawsuit accuses ex-VA employee of abuse

Posted at 10:07 PM, Apr 08, 2016

A second federal civil lawsuit was filed against the VA and former Leavenworth VA employee Mark Wisner.

Attorney Dan Curry filed the first lawsuit in March on behalf of a client who has asked to remain anonymous. On Friday, Curry filed the second lawsuit on behalf of two alleged victims. 

Christopher Anasazi is one of them. In 2014, he visited Wisner, who was a physician assistant at the time, with his friend, a veteran seeking treatment. 

"He made inappropriate comments at me, asking me, in political terms, asking me 'to whip out my package, my junk so he can measure it and compare it' to the other victim," Anasazi said in a phone interview. 

Anasazi now lives in Washington state. He said he watched his friend, who has asked to remain anonymous, be fondled and inappropriately touched. 

"Wisner never used gloves on my friend," he explained. 

Wisner also allegedly made more comments that were out of line. 

"My friend has a spinal cord stimulator in his back. The physician assistant said, 'You would rather have my two fingers in your butt rather than me taking this out of your back,'" Anasazi said.

Curry said the VA was not responsive, so the two men chose to file suit. "These two gentlemen made claims against the VA for what they had to go through there, and the VA earlier this year said they were no way responsible for what happened in that examination room."

"I'm not a medical doctor, I'm not in that field, but I just know these are things that you don't say and you don't do to patients," Anasazi added. 


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