Raytown Police Department launches new online crime reporting system

RAYTOWN, Mo. — The Raytown police department launched a new online crime reporting system Monday afternoon.

"Our crime analyst actually came up with it. He thought it would benefit citizens and save time and also allow the officers to be out on the streets more, interacting with the citizens and patrolling," Raytown Police Director of Communications James Brafford said.

Through the portal you can turn in all of the information needed for a police report while saving officers a trip. You can even upload pictures and video from the crime. Once you submit the form, it goes to the records unit, which will have a report ready for you in five to seven business days. 

Raytown resident Ricky Pilgrim thinks it's a great idea.

"The way crime is, it's always good to have more officers on the street," he said.

There are some limits to what you can report through the new system. No injuries, no emergencies and no crimes with known suspects can be submitted this way. But crimes like forgery, property damage, identity theft and some cases of stealing can go through the portal.

If you submit online, don't expect a visit from an officer. The investigations unit will review your report.

Police believe the new tool will free up phone lines and officers for emergency situations in which they are needed immediately. 

"Officers respond to every call we get. We don't have any type of phone reporting, so this is going to greatly benefit us there by allowing citizens to do it themselves," Brafford said.

If you don't have access to the internet, you'll find hard copies of the form and a box for completed ones at the Raytown Police Department. 

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