'DaddyOFive' parents found guilty of neglect

Posted at 9:07 AM, Sep 12, 2017

FREDERICK, Md. - A Maryland couple known for their "DaddyOFive" videos of controversial pranks involving their children are convicted of child neglect, but won't set foot in jail.

A judge sentenced Mike and Heather Martin to five years supervised probation after both entered Alford pleas to two counts of child neglect. An Alford plea is where the defendant doesn't admit guilt but acknowledges prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them.

The couple orchestrated pranks on their kids and uploaded the videos to their "DaddyOFive" YouTube channel. They often involved them screaming at the children, breaking their toys, and ended with the kids crying and upset. The videos sparked criticism after viewers said the pranks were abusive.

The investigation focused on two biological children of Michael, Heather was their stepmother. A prosecutor told the judge a psychologist determined the 9-year-old and 11-year-old suffered emotional trauma from the videos. The Martins lost custody of both children.

Under the plea agreement, the Martins cannot have any contact with the children or their biological mother unless approved by a court.

Most of the videos on their "DaddyOFive" YouTube channel have been removed. The couple issued a public apology in April.