Buried Steamboat Malta found in Missouri

Posted at 8:48 PM, Feb 26, 2016

The folks who found the Steamboat Arabia have located a new buried steamboat.

Dave Hawley from the Steamboat Arabia Museum has been looking for the fully stocked Indian trade ship called Steamboat Malta for a while.

Documents said it sank within minutes near Malta Bend, Missouri.

Hawley is so excited to share he and his crew have located what they believe to be the buried steamboat.

One of the people working with him is Jerry Mackey. He also helped locate the sunken Steamboat Arabia up river on the Kansas side in 1987. 

“After doing Steamboat Arabia, my wife had a little saying ‘One boat, one wife.’ Then she'd walk away,” Mackey said. “Well there she stands over by my truck.”

His wife says she understands her husband’s quest to find another lost steamboat.

“Two boats, two wives?” Joan Mackey said, “I guess I've mellowed a little over the years, because here we are again in a cornfield.”

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In February, the crew mapped out the ground over the sunken steamboat. 

You can read more information about the boat on the Steamboat Arabia's website.


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