Gov. Greitens calls investigation 'witch-hunt,' says trial will prove innocence

Posted at 4:38 PM, Apr 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 18:07:42-04

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens said in a statement that he plans to continue to serve the people of Missouri as an investigative report and criminal trial move forward. 

Greitens made the announcement ahead of the release of a report by a special investigative committee. The committee was formed after Greitens was indicted on a felony invasion of privacy charge.

In his statement, Greitens said he expects the report being released Wednesday night "will include lies and falsehoods." 

He said it is a political witch-hunt. 

"In just 33 days, a court of law and a jury of my peers will let every person in Missouri know the truth and prove my innocence," Greitens said. "In 33 days, this witch hunt will come to an end." 


Watch the video above for Greitens' full statement. 

Greitens said he made a personal, private mistake three years ago when he had an affair. He said people are turning that personal mistake into a political spectacle and telling new lies about it. 

Greitens also discussed how the report was written, saying no standards of evidence were used, no witnesses were cross-examined, no one representing Greitens was allowed in the room, and no members of the press or public were allowed in the room. 

“If the committee had waited 33 days, they would’ve received a full set of facts. Instead, it was decided to publish an incomplete document made in secret. One that, based on the falsehoods that’ve been pushed from the beginning, seems will be filled with lies that we now know may have come from a dream,” Greitens said, referencing a deposition given by the woman Greitens had an affair with.

According to a court filing from over the weekend, Greiteins attorneys say the woman testified during a Friday deposition that she never saw Greitens with a camera or phone on the day he is accused of taking a partially nude photo of her while she was blindfolded and her hands bound.

The court filing says the woman also testified that she doesn't know if her belief that he had a phone was the result of a dream.

Greitens said in his statement it is an honor to work for the people of Missouri, and he will continue to serve the people of Missouri as their governor and work for people every day. 

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