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Trump outpaces Biden in monthly fundraising for first time in 2024 campaign

The Trump campaign raised $76 million in April, compared to the $51 million in donations brought in by the Democratic incumbent.
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Posted at 11:27 AM, May 21, 2024

Even while standing trial in New York, former President Donald Trump took in more campaign contributions than President Joe Biden last month for the first time in this year's election cycle.

According to campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission, Trump and the Republican National Committee together raised $76 million in April, far outpacing the $51 million in donations collected by the incumbent president's political operation. The large haul is thanks in part to a lucrative fundraising event held at the Palm Beach, Florida, home of billionaire John Paulson, which the Trump campaign said brought in $50.5 million in one night.

Former President Donald Trump, right, stands with Melania Trump, left, as they arrive for a GOP fundraiser, Saturday.

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Trump's campaign said it raised $50 million at high-dollar fundraiser

Bianca Facchinei
6:14 PM, Apr 07, 2024

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign still has $35 million more than the Trump camp in cash on hand, following a star-studded fundraising event at New York's Radio City Music Hall in March that was hosted by former Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. That event set a political fundraising record for the Biden campaign, bringing in a reported $25 million.

Incumbents typically have a fundraising advantage, with the ability to jointly fundraise with the national committee and without the need to spend on costly primaries. This cycle, however, with former President Donald Trump also in the mix and coming off a record-breaking 2020 fundraising haul, there were questions on how big of an advantage would remain.