Danny Duffy looking to build on, rebound from 2017

Posted at 8:21 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 21:21:43-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Danny Duffy is looking to build on and rebound from 2017.

"I feel like on the field I had a lot better year than maybe met the eye," said the Royals ace. "But off the field was the worst year I had in my life."

Of course, Duffy is referring to his August arrest for a DUI in Overland Park. He pled guilty in January, receiving probation.

"I'm getting to that point that I need to definitely be somebody that the younger kids can look up to. I need to be able to share my personal experiences with them," said Duffy.

When it comes to pitching, Duffy finished 9-10 in 2017, far from his sparkling 12-3 record the year before. But much of that may have had to do with run support as his 3.81 ERA in 2017 wasn't far off from his 3.51 he posted in 2016.

Whatever struggles he's faced haven't soured him on Kansas City.

"Perfect world I stay here for the rest of my career," said Duffy.

That's unlike some of his former teammates, i.e. Lorenzo Cain, who departed for Milwaukee, and others like Eric Hosmer, who is in free agent limbo.

"Keep our fingers crossed for other things to happen," said Duffy about potential signings like Hosmer. "In regards to this camp, we need to focus on what we have to offer in here, and I think we've got a lot more than what other people think."

Duffy will help anchor a Royals' starting rotation that will also include Ian Kennedy, Jason Hammel, and Nate Karns.