KC Royals' seamstress takes pride in her job

Posted at 9:11 AM, Apr 05, 2016

Underneath Kauffman Stadium is a small room packed with all kinds of clothing. 

Most of it is for the hundreds of employees that work at The K, but the Royals' seamstress, Bev Vratny, says the uniforms she likes the most are the players.

"They don't know who I am," said Vratny. "I'm just a little old lady, standing behind a window, saying 'Great game' or sometimes getting high fives from players."

Vratny is extremely proud of her job.

"I wanted to say, 'Those pants look really good on you,'" Vratny said with a laugh. "But no. I'll just keep my mouth shut and not say anything to them."

Vratny watches the game in a way no one else does.

"When players slide and wipe off their pants, I'll say, 'Yep. I'll see his pants tomorrow,'" said Vratny.

Vratny learned sewing growing up on a farm in Iowa.  She knows all the league's rules around where the patches can and can't go.

"My whole family are Royals fans of course," Vratny said.

Vratny hopes that she will be sewing the World Series patch on her team again this year.


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