Royals team store gears up for team's 50th year of baseball

Let’s play ball!

Okay, it may seem a little odd to be talking baseball the day after the World Series finale, but at the Royals Team Store, they’re just stepping up to the plate.

After being closed for renovations for a few weeks, they are back and ready to go.

Starting Thursday at 10 a.m., the Team Store is your place for all holiday shopping and for getting ready for the next season -- which starts a bit early next year, in March.

Brett Salzenstein, the head honcho of all the good stuff, is excited about a couple of things in particular.

Coming up on November 11, the store is having a garage sale! Great bargains for every age right outside the door.

And starting Thursday, you can get in the mood for the 2018 season. The Royals will be celebrating 50 years of baseball next year.

This year (starting Thursday, in fact) you can stop by and get the jersey and cap like the players will be wearing on the field, complete with the special 50-year emblem. 

But no matter what you're looking for at the Team Store, the most popular player-related item in the shop? Anything to do with Salvy!


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