Boulevard Brewery's ¡Vamos! is the Royals' craft beer for second year in a row

¡Vamos! craft beer comes back for second year in a row
Posted at 7:30 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 20:30:44-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For the second year in a row, Boulevard Brewery is welcoming back its ¡Vamos! Mexican-Style Lager.

Last season, the popular Kansas City brewing company created the official craft beer for the Kansas City Royals. Ambassador Brewer Jeremy Danner said with that came the opportunity to make an official beer.

"So we introduced ¡Vamos!, a Mexican style lager," Danner said. "We made it in bottles and on draft last year and this year, the beer's in a six pack of cans and on draft."

Danner said with the amount of feedback they received on the beer, they decided to bring it back.

"When things are good, there's no need to mess with it and mess it up or anything," Danner said. "The beer sold fast."

Danner said this year, they wanted to make it in a can to make it more tailgate friendly.

"We just had our canning line come on right around the beginning of the season last year, but not in time to make this beer in cans so we took the opportunity to make the cans this year," Danner said.

For those that are not beer savvy, Danner said this Mexican-style lager is a great entry level beer.

"The idea is that we wanted to make a beer to celebrate our partnership with the Royals, but also a beer we thought baseball players would drink," Danner said. "Given that a lot of our players come from Latin America, it made sense to make this Mexican style lager, very crisp, refreshing beer so if you're not sure if you like craft beer, this is a great first step into craft beer and to try it out."

With the Royals' opening day finally here, Danner's loves for both beer and baseball culminate in what he calls "Baseball Christmas,"

"You know, there's hope. Everyone has the same record," Danner said. "And it's kind of this excitement for a new season and it's fun to have a new or returning beer to celebrate that."

The beer debuted March 4. You can find it at Kauffman Stadium on draft on Opening Day and in cans and draft throughout the Royals home-viewing network.

"So anywhere that the Royals are your home team on TV, you'll find this and you can find a lot of information at," Danner said.

Danner said the beer will be around for a few months, but not the entire season.