Byron Pringle brings '1-0' mentality to the Chiefs' offense

Byron Pringle
Posted at 7:33 PM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 20:33:26-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — In the Kansas City Chiefs 36-35 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, quarterback Patrick Mahomes had to rely on his secondary targets.

Mahomes passed for 343 yards, had three touchdowns and one interception. His passer rating was excellent at 131.5.

One of those touchdowns was scored by wide receiver Byron Pringle, but in a press conference Wednesday, he said he didn't feel all that great about it.

“I don’t feel well because we didn’t come out with the dub, but when Pat threw me the ball, the middle field was open and I just turned up vertical and then I made one defender miss," Pringle said. "I saw Tyreek on the left-hand side of me and his man was guarding him. [The defender] was coming close to me and I just gave him a right foot in the ground and just outran him to the endzone."

Pringle scored a 40-yard touchdown on a pass he caught six yards downfield.

"If the coaches put me in, obviously they see that I can contribute to the team — coming out with a 'dub' at the end of the day — so I go out there and don't make them feel like they did the wrong move by putting me in that position," Pringle said. "I go out there with a high motor and try to dominate my man."

Pringle is not leaned on as much as Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce, but he is valuable to the offense.

“I’ve always been confident in those guys," Mahomes said in a press conference Wednesday. "I see the work that they put in and the talent that they have. Obviously, we have these great talents with Travis (Kelce) and Tyreek that are all-time talents and so we get them the ball and let them make plays."

However, Mahomes also took the time to acknowledge the importance of his other teammates.

"We got guys all across the board that can make plays on this team," he said. "Like the plays that (Byron) Pringle made or the plays that D-Rob (Demarcus Robinson) made and the plays that Mecole (Hardman) has made all season long or even the last few seasons. So, we have talent everywhere and it’s about getting them the ball in space and letting them go."