Chiefs' defensive improvements come as Melvin Ingram joins the team

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Posted at 5:17 PM, Dec 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-09 18:17:17-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs have made a tremendous defensive improvement in recent weeks.

With the Chiefs on a five-game winning streak, much of the credit can go to the defense.

The defensive turn around came after linebacker Melvin Ingram joined the team. Having played only four games with the Chiefs so far this season, Ingram has impressed defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

“He’s playing angry. I say that to him all the time. I say, 'you play angry, and I love it, you’ve got everybody else getting angry too,'" Spagnuolo said. "He’s had a couple plays, there was one even in the Raiders game the last time where he just knocks people around, and I think that’s contagious and that helps us."

On Thursday, Spagnuolo said he's even more impressed with his actions off the field, taking the time to help his younger teammates.

“I just take notice. I see him Saturday nights after we get done with our meetings that he tends to sit with a lot of different guys," Spagnuolo said. "He might be at one table, and he’s really good with the young guys. I’ve seen him over there sitting with Turk [Tershawn Wharton], Mike Danna, and I’ll tell you what, if I’m them, I’d have a little pad and pencil and I’d be all ears because that’s when you can absorb some really good stuff.”

Ingram said his desire to help his younger teammates comes from the examples that were set by veteran players when he was a young player in the NFL.

“I just go out and share what I’ve learned over the years through my experience and through my time playing," Ingram said. "I guess that has an impact. If it does, it does. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. That’s just me trying to pass down what was passed down to me on how to study film or how to approach the game and things like that. Nothing crazy."

When asked about his role and what he brings to the Chiefs, Ingram said, "just being me."