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Rumors swirl about Bill Snyder's future at K-State

Rumors swirl about Bill Snyder's future at K-State
Posted at 9:55 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 22:55:47-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Questions about Bill Snyder’s future with the Kansas State football program continued on Friday after the longtime coach declined to speak with reporters about rumors circulating of him possibly stepping down. 

Snyder was spotted entering and leaving the school’s football complex on Friday evening.

“Haven’t heard anything yet,” he responded, after being asked by 41 Action News about the rumors of him stepping down.

The uncertainty of Snyder’s future with the program has led to plenty of discussion around Manhattan all week long. 

“It’s a huge deal,” said longtime K-State fan Bill Pugh. “You can talk to anybody even if they’re not sports fans. They’ll have an opinion on it.”

Snyder was first hired to be Kansas State’s football coach in 1988.

After capturing over 200 wins and two Big 12 titles at the school, he faces questions about his future after the team failed to qualify for a bowl this season.

“We’ve been expecting it and maybe it’s lasted longer than we thought,” said Tim Fitzgerald, the publisher of Kansas State sports website “The time appears to be at hand that he will retire for a second time.” 

With Snyder now 79-years-old, Fitzgerald said the fate of the coach’s future has led to debate among fans.

“He means so much and the fan base is kind of split here,” he said. “Snyder can stay as long as he wants or it’s time. It feels like time.”

Following Snyder’s first retirement from the school in 2005, Fitzgerald believes the Kansas State legend likely wants to go out on a quiet note.

“This time, he wanted to do it differently and not say anything and not be a distraction and fade into the background,” he said. “I think that’s what we’re seeing him do.”

As colleges around the country get set for the early signing period with recruits in mid-December, Fitzgerald said it was important for the school to make any sort of coaching decision soon.

“It just feels like the program needs a burst of energy from a new coach,” the sports writer said. “You also don’t want to push a man who has been so important to Kansas State and Manhattan.”

While the legendary coach’s future still officially remains unknown, fans told 41 Action News that they would always remember Snyder’s impact on the school and community.

“The campus wouldn’t be what it is. We wouldn’t have the roads we have, the hotels and restaurants without Bill Snyder,” Bill Pugh said. “If he is going to retire and ride off into the sunset, I hope that everyone continues to give him the thanks they give him.”