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1-on-1 with KU Athletic Director at the Final Four

Posted at 9:27 PM, Mar 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-30 22:27:50-04

SAN ANTONIO — Sports Director Mick Shaffer went 1-on-1 with KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger at the Final Four.

Mick Shaffer: "These never get old do they?"

Sheahon Zenger: "They never do. There's always a space between them though, so just when you start wondering if you'll see another one, Bill [Self] delivers again."

Mick Shaffer: "He delivered this time after that epic game on Sunday in Omaha against the Duke Blue Devils. Rarely do those games live up to the hype. That one did so and more."

Sheahon Zenger: "You know, I've heard that on the national stage. That's what the commentators have been saying for the last week. Sometimes you're almost at a disadvantage when you're watching it live. It's a boxing match playing out right in front of you. I want to go watch the replay just to see what I really did see."

Mick Shaffer: "We were joking and I'm scared to get on the scale how much weight I've gained from Wichita to Omaha now San Antonio. I know everybody is kind of in that same boat. But what a fun trip it's been. Three great cities all in the central time zone, easy trips for KU fans."

Sheahon Zenger: "It really is. At the end of the day, what a one seed earns and this team earned it the hard way, but Wichita treated us unbelievably well. That truly was home. Omaha turns around and doubles down on it felt like home again. They always do well for us. And now we're in San Antonio which brings such great memories for Jayhawks fans."

Mick Shaffer: "What isn't a short trip is from Angola or from Nigeria right? But the NCAA, we bag on the NCAA for a lot of things but they got one right here did they not? With players families being paid for expenses for Final Four."

Sheahon Zenger: "And they've gone to great lengths to help us with that. Our philosophy in the department is student athletes first."

Mick Shaffer: "I know your kids played sports, but seeing your son play basketball for the first time and it being at the Final Four?"

Sheahon Zenger: "I can't imagine. Think of the guilt we all feel when we're on the road we don't get to see our kids ballgames. Six years of not seeing it.  Those must be some lengthy phone calls right?"