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'I don't know any other team': Couple traveled to all 4 host cities for Chiefs' recent Super Bowls

Rob and Karen Witten
Posted at 11:11 AM, Feb 10, 2024

LAS VEGAS — Rob Witten is a lifer.

"I don't know any other team," Witten said. "I was born in KCK, bleed red and yellow my whole life."

His wife Karen was indoctrinated.

"We met at a sleazy little bar in Merriam, Kansas, and we talked football the whole time," Karen Witten said.

They carry their Chiefs passion all over the country. The pair has now traveled to all four cities the Chiefs have played their recent Super Bowls. It helped that they were close to the first one.

 Rob and Karen Witten
Rob and Karen Witten

"We were wintering in south Florida and they won the AFC Championship game and I mean it was instant — we're driving the three-and-a-half hours to Miami," he said. That's where it began. Whatever city, if the Chiefs make it I'm going to be there ... I don't know why they don't do all the Super Bowls in South Beach because it's nice and warm there on the beach."

They've had cool moments — from competing against Philadelphia fans to draw the teams' logos, to going on the set of "Undisputed" with Shannon Sharpe, meeting familiar faces like Michael Irvin and Deion Sander.

"We were like this close to all these legends," Rob said.

Rob and Karen Witten
Rob and Karen Witten

But they haven't gone to the games. The cost is obviously massive, but Rob isn't keen to repeat his worst sports memory.

"My thing is we went to Kauffman Stadium in 2014 and watched our Kansas City Royals lose the World Series. I don't want to feel that if I shell out $10 grand at a Super Bowl, and I don't want to walk out of there feeling that I lost."