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KSHB 41’s Mick Shaffer explains how apple wine is to Frankfurt what barbecue is to Kansas City

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Posted at 8:16 PM, Nov 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-02 21:16:04-04

FRANKFURT, Germany. — Kansas City has its barbecue.

Frankfurt, Germany has its apple wine.

Or, in more local terms, "Munich is known for beer, and we have apple wine here," said Pia Wagner of the Apfelwein Wagner restaurant in Frankfurt.

Apple wine - or apfelwein - is basically an apple cider with a kick.

"It's really easy to drink," said Wagner. "It doesn't have a lot of alcohol, around five percent."

If Frankfurt is considered the Apple Wine Capital of Germany, then the Apfelwein Wagner is its oval office.

Wagner's great-grandfather opened the restaurant in 1931.

The place is so popular that it boldly doesn't need to serve Germany's biggest export: beer.

"We don't serve beer, which is really uncommon in Germany," Wagner said.

She says despite the restaurant not serving beer, it's not something she sees as a downside.

"Other apple wine restaurants do serve beer, but I think that's the thing that makes us really unique," Wagner said.

The Wagner is always busy, but it will be even busier this weekend with American Football in town.

"We have a few reservations on Sunday," said Wagner. "They will all come for the game and stay afterwards."