Why it's now or never for the Kansas City Chiefs

Dee Jackson's predictions for the 2016 season
Posted at 7:41 PM, Jul 31, 2016

Time is ticking for the Chiefs! Sure, last year the team went back to the playoffs, even walked out of Houston with a win in round one.  In 2016 things are looking even more prosperous for Kansas City.

First of all who's going to contend with the talent and experience the Chiefs have? One player doesn't win a Super Bowl, but it's a refreshing thought there will be no Peyton Manning to deal with in Denver!  Oakland and San Diego combined last season for just 11 wins, while the Chiefs set a franchise record winning 10 in a row.

All the key components are there for the Chiefs to win it all. Speed, strength of schedule and experience. This is the year for another title to cap off one of the most amazing stretches of sports supremacy,  this town has ever seen. 

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